Øydve Gardsturisme


We, Anne-Marie and Magne T. Øydvin are the proprietors

of this website. Our farm is situated appr. 4 Km from the

centre of Ulvik, in the direction of Osa. Beside growing fruit

and vegetables, and rising cattle and sheep, are we both

eager to bring on culture and traditions to future generations

using different means and ways to achieve this.

In ?Granny?s Tearoom? is Anne-Marie serving both coffee, cakes and supper to pre booked groups, and she makes home made jam and jelly from fruit and berries for sale.
You are welcome to stop at the farm for barging and a chat,

if you need fresh vegetables, fruit or home made jam

while staying here, or if you simply need something to bring

home as a souvenir.

 The name of the farm: Øydvin ? means the field on the hill

between two fjords,and we have written records mentioning

the farm as early as in 1314, but we believe that the land has

been farmed since 300-400 AC since there are remains

of grave moulds dating from the bronze age here.The farm was probably not in use from the time of the Black plague (1350) to sometime around 1560. Written records shows us that there was only one farmer here in 1695, whilst being several today.

But the farmers of the centuries gone by where not landowners, they were tenants, and most of the land belonged to the Barony of Rosendal right up to the 1930?s.
In the old days were all the different farmhouses (belonging to different tenants) situated in a ?tun?, whilst fields and pastures were spread out around the farm, the farmer having one patch of land here and one there.




This was changed in the years from 1899 to 1902 when they rearranged the fields and pastures, making sure that everyone got one larger field and one larger pasture on one spot which again lead to the houses being moved to the land that was ?theirs?.
In the days gone by did they have both milking cows, sheep, goats, pigs and horses on the farm. During the summer months were the cows, the sheep and the goats in the mountains, grazing the green mountain grass, being looked after by dairymaids and young shepherds. While being on the summer farms the dairymaids made cheese and butter, fished in the lakes and picked blueberries and cloudberries on the moors in order to have enough food for the winter (some was even sold to the hotels in Ulvik). The summer farms could only be used in the summer months,
but they had a second set of barns and houses on the far side of Osafjorden, which they used in springtime and in autumn and Bortom is one of them. Our summer farm lies way into the mountains on the far side of Osafjorden, and if you are here in June you may walk along with us as we bring the sheep to the summer pastures in Døgrsdalen 


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